Matchmaker Bar

One of the festival organizers was quoted on the website, stating that:
"Matchmaking is one of the oldest traditions in Ireland, and began when there were two classes, the rich landowners and the poor peasants."
(The Matchmaking Festival)

We arrived in Lisdoonvarna shortly before nightfall and were able to find our three star luxury hotel, The Hydro, without difficulty, since it was in the heart of the city. Two beautiful rooms had been reserved for us. I took my time admiring the nineteenth-century style architecture and décor while Monika checked us in with the desk clerk.
(The Matchmaking Festival)
last rays of sunlight
The landscape was definitely more breathtaking than I had imagined. Driving through the countryside, I realized that I felt a growing longing, a yearning for something. I couldn’t put my finger on anything more definite than that, but was positively surprised to experience feelings that were connected with a wish for something more.
(The Matchmaking Festival)
Between the lines

I was thankful that driving the car had given me something to occupy my mind; the typically narrow winding roads of Ireland were a challenge for every driver not born here.
(In Sync)
Burren I
The Burren was a beautiful and fertile place, filled with rare flower species and wild herbs of all kinds.
(Path Unveiled)

  Burren II
I wiggled around and tried to settle more comfortable against the rock. Closing my eyes, lulled by the endless rushing murmur of the sea, I imagined lying in bed with Eileen, being held in her strong arms, inhaling her scent, safe and comfortable… when suddenly a soft voice said way too close at my ear, “You better be careful. A lot of humans have paid with their lives or at the very least with their souls after being so unmindful at the edge of our realm. Codladh an ghiorria as my grandmother always says.”
(Path Unveiled)
I remembered that Lisdoonvarna was not too far away from the Burren, which was famous for its landscape but also for its megalithic tombs and portal dolmens. Legend has it that some of that dolmen or tombs were portals to the fairy world.
(The Matchmaking Festival)

I realized that this was one of those very rare perfect moments, feeling a sense of belonging that made me beyond happy; being at the right place, at the right time, with the right person was a wonderful feeling that I wanted to get used to.
(In Sync)
Listening to her stories about the history of places that seemed trivial to us humans (and particularly to tourists) caused a wave of awe to rise in my chest.
(In Sync)
Typical Irland
I guess a lot of people have a country they always feel drawn to, wanting to visit once in a lifetime, or even better, be able to live there for a while. For me, it was Ireland that haunted my dreams.
(The Matchmaking Festival)

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