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Fan Fiction

Blogs I read




  Academy of Bards A page dedicated to the presentation of all genres of Xena fan fiction  
  Passion and Perfection Home to a wide variety of f/f fan fiction from a number of different authors  
  The Athenaeum A place to find many different genre of f/f fan fiction  
  The Pink Rabbit Consortium Different f/f fics by various authors  
  Uber Etc. A place to find many different genre of f/f fan fiction  
  Astrometrics Home of Susan's fan fiction  
  Calli’s Creations Calli's fabulous fan fiction covers are linked to the stories beyond the cover  
  Fletcher DeLancey Home of Fletcher's fiction; mainly about J/f and 7/f  
  Jae’s Fiction is the author of "Backwards to Oregon", "Conflict of Interest" and other brilliant novels - and she's a fellow German  
  Nene's living library An ever-evolving site that is full of lesbian literature  
  The Voyager Conspiracy Home of Sazzy's J/7 fanfic and her amazing videos  
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  Jim C. Hines Is the author of the humorous Goblin Quest as well as the the Princess Series  
  Neil Gaiman It’s Neil Gaiman – do I need to say more?  
  Oregon Expat Fletcher DeLancey’s outlet for her love of science writing  
  Paperback Writer S.L. Viehl’s site – she provides lots of useful information for writers  
  PK the Bookeemonster She’s a reader with a voracious appetite for books, mostly crime fiction  
  sfnovelists A group of science fiction and fantasy authors who share their love of genre  
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