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About me

I live with my partner Daniela in the middle of Germany and – though I’m a trained assistant librarian – earn my money as a legal secretary in a huge international law firm. The job pays the bills and my various hobbies.

Every now and then I believe I have too many things to keep me occupied. My job consumes the majority of my waking hours. The rest of the day has to be divided between far too many interesting things.

You want an example? Well, there is this amazing book that I wanted to read for some time, but then, I really want to watch the new BBC documentary we recorded last week. To save some time I could try out the new recipe for jambalaya and we could eat while watching the documentary. Or we could eat and watch the last episode of the new TV series that a friend recommended.

On the other hand – eating while watching TV is bad. But it would sure save a lot of time. Maybe I could ease my conscience with going for a stroll after the meal (and the end of the respective TV series or documentary). That would give me the opportunity to take some photos with my camera as well.
See, this is my daily dilemma.

But all of the above mentioned hobbies are dwarfed by the one which is taking over more and more of my not so free time: writing.

I wrote my first story “The Matchmaking Festival” in 2006 and haven’t been able to stop writing since then. My stories are of the kind that I would like to read myself.
My bookshelf is stocked with mainly fantasy (urban, epic, dark, and whatever fantasy is out there) and lesbian fiction. Mix these two together and you get the perfect book.

From time to time, though, I get the urge to write something else, which resulted in a story some would label “pwp” and other would call erotica.

However, there is one big theme in all my stories, no matter whether we talk about fantasy, thriller, or a romance. I’m interested in observing what is happening when people with a totally different background meet – and fall in love. May it be faeries, werewolves, vampires, humans, or lawyers.

And last but not least: I’m a sucker for a “happy ending.”
While I love angst and dark stories, I’m not going to read and moreover not going to write anything without a happy ending.

Life is difficult enough.

Let there be a happy ending for everyone!